Digital Activity Book

Published on April 27, 2020

I am pleased to release my third activity book - a digital version so that kids can spend their spare time having a bit of fun! 

We are certainly currently living in unprecedented times. Across the world, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the lives of everyone - many are out of work, and our kids are out of school. I had released two activity books earlier in the year, but with the emergency measures in place I have not been able to distribute them to families. That said, I am pleased to release this third activity book - a digital version. My hope is that our kids will use this to have some fun in their spare time.

I know how hard it can be during these times to keep your children busy, which is why I have put this activity book together. Feel free to print them and use them at your own discretion. I hope your kids enjoy this and maybe even gain valuable knowledge from the activities within.

Click here to download the Digital Activity Book