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Published on November 16, 2018

Ontario Government to Protect Rent Control for Existing Tenants in Eglinton-Lawrence

Effective November 15, Ontario’s Government for the People is taking steps to expand the supply of homes and rental properties, while protecting rent control for existing tenants.

As part of the new Housing Supply Action Plan, the government is developing a new strategy to help increase housing supply quickly and responsibly so people can find quality, affordable homes.

“The truth is housing supply is not keeping up with the population growth, driving up home prices and rental rates,” said MPP Robin Martin. “We need to alleviate these pressures by finding ways to build more good housing and rentals for the people of Eglinton-Lawrence.”

To make rent more affordable and encourage more housing to be built, the government will adopt a balanced approach that exempts new rental units from rent control, while keeping rent control for existing rental units.

“Our Government is keeping our promise to not touch rent control for tenants of existing rental units,” said MPP Martin. “We will ensure they can continue to rent affordable homes.”

This balanced approach will create the right conditions to increase the supply of rental units, while protecting existing renters.